Briggs & Stratton Small Engine Repair - Product Review for Powerbuilt Engine Series

Briggs & Stratton Small Engine Repair

The PowerBuilt Series is a value-engineered, yet highly dependable, group of turf-taming engines. Designed to meet basic riding mower needs, the PowerBuilt series features unique (OHV) technology along with a simple-to-maintain design, creating a more durable, longer lasting engine. When it comes to getting a great trim for your turf, there is no better tool, for the job, than the Powerbuilt Line of lawn mower engines, from Briggs.

Please have a quick peek at what are only a few of the specifications afforded you, from this fine line of quality-built and professionally-backed engines.

Briggs & Stratton Small Engine Repair

Engine Displacement (cc)                                           344                       344                    344

Number of Cylinders                                                   Single                   Single               Single

Engine Configuration                                          Vertical Shaft          V Shaft            V Shaft

Engine Technology                                                       OHV                     OHV                  OHV

Like we said, thats only a sprinkling of what you get with this engine line. Instead of taking up a good portion of your busy day, with tedious details, we decided to just leave you to your own good judgement and depart with these words of friendly advice.

Buying any tool for the turf is a big decision, and one that needs research and at-least one good review, this is that review!

Product Review for Powerbuilt Engine Series

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