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Briggs & Stratton Parts – Essential Pressure Washer Implement

To kick things off in the right direction, we will go ahead and briefly list a few of the reasons that you may need to upgrade that pressure washer.

Briggs & Stratton Parts – Essential Pressure Washer Implement

(1) Extends existing hoses or replaces worn or damaged hoses

(2) Heavy-duty steel braided reinforced hose and Quick-Connect fittings for easy connections

(3) For use with cold water pressure washers up to 4000 PSI

(4) Connects to Quick-Connect pump and spray gun fittings

Now that you have that firmly implanted into your head, we here at Briggs & Stratton Parts can get to the business at hand, while the summer heat and the green grasses are still around. A pressure washer from Briggs & Stratton is one of those things that needs to be up-kept, at a minimum, each season.

There is nothing as frustrating to a residential or commercial turf person, than a worn-out pressure washer. To expect a cavalcade of high-pressure water, and unexpectedly, receive a dribble of good old H2O, is a misnomer and quite a ‘dastardly’ surprise as well.

To make sure that does not happen to you, please inspect and if necessary, change out any and all parts that need to be upgraded. In the end, you will thank not only your persistence, but your good fortune as well!

Essential Pressure Washer Implement

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