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Briggs Lawn Mower Parts – What Briggs & Stratton Actually Does for the World (Besides Making Money)

Briggs & Stratton has been in the business of manufacturing great lawn mower engines ever since way back when in 1912. For over a century presently, these people have been knocking out the mass production of engines for mowers, as well as so many other fine lawn and garden engine units, that it is highly conceivable that another 100 years will be a ‘walk in the park’ for these folks!

Tooting the Horn

However, at this Briggs Lawn Mower Parts posting, we are not going to toot the horn only for B&S, as that would be strictly a silly and cheap marketing gimmick! What we will speak a little about is the philanthropic as well as environmental benefits that the country gleans from this fine company. After all, a company that is as large and dynamic as Briggs, really does not need to do anything that is not dollar-driven, but they do and that’s great for all of us Americans!

Benefits for All of US Citizens

(1) Commitment to Sustainability – Environmental Stewardship

The entire line of Briggs & Stratton Engines made today have 75% fewer emissions than those sold before 1995. Manufacturing facilities within and associated with B&S are committed to cutting energy use by 25% in the next 10 years.

(2) Investing in Communities

Briggs & Stratton continually supports education, the arts, social welfare and diligently presses onward in the pursuit of improving the lives of people in the local communities.


Therefore, the very next time that you start up your lawnmower and recall that the engine that has powered that turf-taming unit is a Briggs & Stratton engine, recall what it is that these manufacturers do behind the scenes and in the faces of all the local residents that are fortunate enough to be next to a Briggs manufacturing facility.

What Briggs & Stratton Actually Does for the World (Besides Making Money)

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