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Briggs & Parts Discusses Common Spring Pest Problems Way Down South in Florida

Unfortunately, if you call the Sunshine State home, then you already know all too well the pests that make their presence known, as soon as the weather starts to break. Florida pests, especially in the pleasant breeding conditions that spring affords these nasty little visitors, are some of the worst in the nation. We are not talking about the beneficial insects such as certain types of ants, that help us all live better lives, but the non-beneficial ones.

At  Briggs & Parts, we know about the pests that come around as soon as the warmth comes back to Florida. We battle these very same pests in the turf and at times, in our own homes each year around March. Fortunately, our pest control experience will lend itself well to you all in the Florida as knowledge is certainly power!

Please have a look at what we feel are some of the most frequently encountered pests in the state.

Floridian Pests

  • Termites cause more damage annually than storms, fires and floods combined. Needing an opening of just 1/64th of an inch to begin their colonization of your home, some species of Florida termites can cause significant damage to your humble home in as little as six months.
  • Bed bugs are the predators and unsuspecting humans are the prey. At one point, it was thought that Florida had done away with this parasite, now experts are learning that these invasive pests are beginning to take over once again.
  • Ants are by far the most commonly encountered nuisance in the state of Florida. Once a scout ant finds a source of food in your home, the rest of the colony follows. Once ants infest your home, it can take a lot of time and effort to stop them from showing up all over your home.
Briggs & Parts Discusses Common Spring Pest Problems Way Down South in SoFlo
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