Briggs and Starter

3 Briggs and Starter – How to Repair a Broken Briggs Starter Pull Cord

Murphy’s Law #101 – Even the best maintained lawn mower will eventually  give in to the dreaded broken pull starter cord. This breakage always seems to occur at the most inappropriate times as well. Over time, though, moisture, thousands of yanks, and just plain wear and tear can cause the starter cord to weaken and break inside the Briggs starter housing unit. Fortunately, with a few around the house hand tools, and about 15 minutes of your time, you can repair or replace that broken Briggs starter pull cord.

Briggs and Starter Steps to Repairing Broken Cord on Lawnmower

Step 1

Remove the Rubber Coated Spark Plug Wire from Spark Plug

Step 2

Remove the Three Bolts from Starter Housing

Step 3

Remove the Housing from Engine and Turn the Housing Upside Down on a Flat, Level Surface

Step 4

Locate the Spring Tensioned Pulley that Holds the Pull Starter Cord – Find the Single HHole in the Pulley and Pass the New Cord through Both of These Holes

Step 5

Winding in a Clockwise Direction – Progressively Turn the Spring Tension Pulley Until it is Tight

Step 6

Place One of the Hand Spring Clamps at the 3 o’clock Position to Secure Pulley to the Top of the Housing

Step 7

Wind the Cord into the Spring and then Reapply the Housing

Briggs and Starter – How to Repair a Broken Briggs Starter Pull Cord

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