Briggs Part Discusses Painting Older Engines

Briggs Part Discusses Painting Older Engines

With the terrible economy steamrolling right along, or to put it in the correct context, dying day by day, its good to know that you can refurbish that old Briggs engine and keep that lawnmower or weed trimmer working like a charm. What you can do after you have replaced what it is that you needed to replace on that engine, to make it run great oncemore, is to further protect and add a touch of aesthetic beauty to the engine as well, by utilizing flat black paint.

As Briggs Part providers, we feel that you should know how to at the very least paint your Briggs & Stratton engine so that you can keep cutting the lawn and or trimming the weeds in high fashion! Some lawn jockeys actually belong to classic Briggs engine clubs and that should tell you a little something about the reliability and the love that these people have for these fine engines.

Please have a look below at a few steps that will start you out on the right foot when you decide to smear some Briggs Black onto your engine.

(1) First take the engine parts off that you can access and have those along with the case sandblasted.

(2) Fill any spots that are deep or rust pits with a grinding disk and use body putty for the buildup.

(3) Use a spray can primer on all parts and engine case.

(4) Spray and or brush on classic Briggs Black and you only now have to wait for the parts to dry!



Briggs Part Discusses Painting Older Engines
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