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Briggs Stratton Part – Company Founders Historical Recanting

We wanted to take you on a quick, 2012 stroll, through one of the leading manufacturers of small engines in the United States today. Briggs & Stratton was founded in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1908 and today is based in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin.

Briggs and Stratton engines are commonly used on lawnmowers, as well as pressure washers, electrical generators, and a splendid, very wide variety of other applications. Their original cast-iron engines were known for their durability and longevity, but the company’s success was established following the development of lightweight aluminum engines in the year 1953.

The aluminum engine was the perfect solution for the recently invented, rotary lawnmower due to its lighter weight, lower manufacturing costs, and the durability of this light-weight substrate and material. Briggs & Stratton has since taken aluminum to a new level and now applies this wondrous material to the small engines the company creates and distributes all over the United States.

At this Briggs Stratton Part site, we wanted to give you fine lawn-mowing people of America, a glimpse into what we feel is one of the best companies, worldwide, in existence today. Please learn all about this company and many others on the site and we hope you have a great new year!

Company Founders Historical Recanting

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