Briggs Stratton Part – Discussion on Engine Care in 2012

Briggs Stratton Part – Discussion on Engine Care in 2012

With the turning of the calendar to yet another year, we must all look towards the future and to the safety and health of all of the ones we love and care for, including ourselves! Please be careful in all that you do this year and take the required time to be safe especially when cutting the lawn or trimming the edge.

That is our spiel for safety in the New Year and we wanted you all to know that at this Briggs Stratton part location on the Internet, which we care for you and your safety as well. Without you around, whom would we have to spin our turf tales to and who else would listen to our ramblings?

Speaking of ramblings, today we wanted to remind you of the benefits of engine care this year. W do not have to tell you about the benefit of keeping what you already have in tip top shape as the economy has taught us all a valuable lesson concerning thriftiness. By checking the fluids, in the engine, such as the oil and whatever else is maintainable and fluid-related on your particular Briggs engine, you can save hundreds if not thousands of hard-earned dollars.

While you are at it and already greasy and dirty, why not check the hoses and other discernable attachments that have a tendency to break and or wear out? The time that you spend on these maintenance issues will pay for itself in a very short time frame.

Have a great year!

Briggs Stratton Part – Discussion on Engine Care in 2012
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