Briggs Parts – How to Replace a Foam Air Filter

Briggs Parts – How to Replace a Foam Air Filter

We sincerely hope that all of you lawn and garden folks out there had a great and not too costly Christmas! We all understand that filling the stockings and putting a few presents under the Christmas tree is not an easy task to complete especially in this economy. In light of all this economic gloom and what some are saying is a definite doom cycling of the American financial prowess, we wanted to offer you a little something that will save you a few dollars and help you be the best DIY Briggs Parts person you can be as well!

Since most of us know that Briggs & Stratton is the world’s largest manufacturer of small air-cooled engines and a leading producer of engine powered equipment like portable and stand-by generators and pressure washers, it is important to realize that you can and need to do whatever small engine repairs you can yourself.

One of the jobs that you can certainly do yourself and save money at the same time is that of replacing a foam air filter on the Briggs & Stratton engine. A Briggs & Stratton genuine foam filter element is designed to properly fit your engine and will keep dust particles from getting into your engine and is a vital unit on any engine.

How to Replace a Foam Air Filter

1. Remove Air Filter Screw

2. Remove Air Filter Assembly and Toss the Foam Insert

3. Clean Metal Air Filter Assembly Parts

4. Saturate New Foam Filter with Fresh Engine Oil

5. Wrap Foam in Clean Cloth (Rag) and Squeeze to Remove Excess Oil

6. Assemble Foam Filter in a Manner that the ‘Lip’ Extends over the Edge of Air Filter Body

7. Reinstall Air Filter Assembly Carburetor

That’s it!

Briggs Parts – How to Replace a Foam Air Filter

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