Briggs Part and Fall Lawncare Tips

Briggs Part and Fall Lawn Care Tips

As the days and nights start to get a little cooler, we are entering an important lawn care season. Do not be tricked into thinking your turf needs less care. Now is the most important time to prepare the turf so that you start next spring with healthy green lawn.

Grass is Growing even when Close to Freezing

Do not be fooled into believing that the root systems buried a few inches under the blades of grass, are still not actively growing just because it is 45 degrees outside. Just as we practice the art and science of fall mowing here at this Briggs Part location, you should also keep mowing as long as your lawn is actively growing.

Feed the Turf through Thanksgiving

Do not starve your poor lawn to death as if you live in the Cold areas, with cool season grasses, fertilize one more time around Thanksgiving. This will send your lawn into complete dormancy with nutrition waiting for it in springtime. If you have warm season grasses, your last fertilizer application should have been around Labor Day and that was a while ago so never mind!

Have a Great Christmas! 

Briggs Part and Fall Lawn Care Tips

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