Briggs Stratton Engine Parts - Missouri Plant Layoff

Briggs Stratton Engine Parts – Missouri Plant Layoff

As the economies of the world teeter and wobble and many fall completely down, the news is not that much brighter on this side of the world. Briggs & Stratton has gone ahead and made the United States economy, a little less shiny and has started the inevitable process of laying off 200 of their workforce in Missouri.

Briggs North American VP Speaks About Layoff Reasons

The reasons are varied with the vice president of  Briggs’ North American operations, Dave DeBaets, citing “economic conditions and the seasonal nature of our business, we need to adjust production schedules to manage finished goods inventories to planned levels,” the VP was quoted as stating earlier in this month.

Halloween Month of Frightening News

October is indeed a scary month, as the families of these workers will certainly feel the sting of their household incomes being severed by 50% or in some case, 100%. The job cuts affect 110 full- and part-time employees, as well as 92 seasonal, Briggs & Stratton workers at the Poplar Bluff, Missouri plant.

Sincerest Apologies and Prayers

From all of us here at this Briggs Stratton Engine Parts blog, we can only offer our sincerest condolences as well as our combined prayers for a speedy job replacement and/or transfers within the company.

Briggs Stratton Engine Parts – Missouri Plant Layoff

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