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Briggs Engine Parts and Late Fall Check Ups

The weather is sublime throughout most of the continental United States and that means only one thing, that late fall is here. This also means that it is time, or way past time, to get the lawnmowers and weed trimmers into prime shape as winter is not far behind now at all. Global warming or not the fact is that it is warmer, longer, and colder, longer, if that makes any meteorological sense. The bottom line of what we are trying to explain to you in this Briggs Engine Parts posting is that you need to run a check up on the lawn and garden equipment as once fall ends and winter cruises on through it will be spring before you know it!

Knocking the Dust Off

Just what do we mean by check up and how does this differ from a standard tune up? It is really easy to understand just what a check up is and we can tell you what we do each year around this time of the late fall season. We watch plenty of football and cheer on the Fightin’ Illini to the bloody end! Then we get off the couch and take a look at the lawn and garden equipment, but only a quick and easy check up. All you do is to walk around the lawnmower and start the unit up once or maybe twice just to knock the dust off and to keep the fluids moving in the engine.

Have a great fall and we look forward to talking with you in the winter!

Briggs Engine Parts and Late Fall Check Ups
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