Extreme Weather & Briggs Parts Portable Generators

Extreme Weather & Briggs Parts Portable Generators

When bad weather arrives, and during this early season of fall, this is no longer a rarity, the attention gets shifted to emergency preparation. I was walking outside of my apartment here in usually sunny Florida, when I noticed that storms clouds were gathering overhead. It was only a matter of minutes before a deluge of near tropical force winds and accompanying rain, came down for that lofty perch.

The weather has been that bad and that quickly bad, in most parts of the Southeast. After the storm cells passed, there were sounds, emanating from garages and backyards, and the sound was unmistakable to this Briggs Parts distributor. It was a chorus of Briggs Parts Portable Generators and these units were all singing the same tune, reliability in the face of a blackout.

Homeowners around the United States have endured a nasty run of power-disrupting storms, and sales of portable power generators have been steadily increasing. In certain locations, the drone of portable generators is becoming as common during blackouts, as lawnmowers are on sweltering, summer Saturdays.

Be prepared this fall and upcoming winter season, and do not be the one, lone neighbor that is in the dark, purchase a Briggs engine portable generator and keep the lights as well as the power on for a while. Hopefully, with a good utility company at your beckon call and service, the power will be back on and relatively quickly.

Extreme Weather & Briggs Parts Portable Generators

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