Briggs Stratton Engine Parts – Can Wet Grass Be Cut?

Briggs Stratton Engine Parts – Can Wet Grass Be Cut?

Here at this Briggs Stratton Engine Parts site, we have been in the business of lawns and gardens for many years. With that in mind, we wanted you all to know that whenever we saw or heard of someone attempting to trim the lawn while the grass was still wet, we have to admit we let out a rousing chuckle.

Old Thought Process
The very thought of wet blades of grass being not cut but pressed down by the mower deck underside only, made us believe that cutting grass in a wet condition was a useless endeavor. We know stand a little bit corrected and we owe this eye-opening information to the horticultural experts over at Purdue University.
Old Dogs New Tricks
While it is true that there are still valid and unalterable reasons for not mowing the lawn when it is wet, we have learned that there are good reasons to cut the lawn right after a rain shower as well.
· Damp Grass is Slippery
· Grass Clippings Tend to Clump
Purdue University takes the longer and damper view — when it rains a lot, you are going to have to cut the lawn during periods when the rain has stopped, whether the grass has dried or not. Instead of just lambasting us and leaving us out there in the wet grass to dry off, the Boilermakers instead created a Hit List or pointers if you will, for mowing wet grass.
Six Pointers for Mowing Wet Grass
With the rainy end of summer weather recently, mostly from Hurricane Irene, it is inevitable that you will have to mow when it is wet. However, we much prefer to mow when the grass is dry, it is much better to mow when wet rather than waiting until the grass is dry but grown to 8 inches tall.
Purdue Pointers for Mowing Wet Grass:
1. Sharpen Blade Before Mowing
2. Set the Mower at Highest Setting Possible
3. Remove Mulching Attachments
4. Mow So the Grass is Discharged onto the Already Mown Area
5. Mow as Often as Possible to Break Up Clumps of Cut Grass from Earlier Mowings
6.Worse Case Scenario, Bag the Clippings and Use as Mulch or Compost
Briggs Stratton Engine Parts – Can Wet Grass Be Cut?

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