Briggs Engine Parts Listens to Noisy Engines

Briggs Engine Parts Listens to Noisy Engines

If the noise coming from your Briggs engine is too loud, even for a lawn mower, then you really need to listen up to this posting about how to quiet a noisy engine. Since all engines emit atleast, some degree of noise in their normal operating states, having a zero-sound emitting engine, is not going to be possible. As the old saying goes, “no noise is no good”, we all understands that the sound of a strong, well-built, well-maintained engine, is a soothing sound indeed!

Listening to Noisy Engines 

The heart of an engine, when it comes to noise reducing aspects, is of course the muffler. Most of the muffler add-ons that are Briggs OEM and certified as compliant, as well as used and distributed by us here at this Briggs Engine Parts site, can be fitted onto most lawn mower engines rather quickly. Products such as a Lo-Tone or Super Lo-Tone Muffler will certainly help to decrease exhaust noise and make the neighbors happier as well.

Briggs Engine Parts Listens to Noisy Engines
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