Briggs Engine Parts – How to Repair a Rough Running Lawn Mower

Briggs Engine Parts – How to Repair a Rough Running Lawn Mower

You first start to see the telltale signs and your heart drops. The blue or white smoke is now pouring out from the engine and you know right away that this is going to take at the very least, one or possibly two new Briggs Engine Parts. The engine does run but very roughly and is considered a toxic waste originator to the neighborhood and environment.

Cigarette Smoke is Bad for You!
The engine sputters like a high student caught smoking a cigarette by the principal. The chunkiness of the lawn mower is enough to make you run to the shed and grab the sickle! Lawn mowers are just like any other piece of turf maintaining equipment–they break down over time.
Items You Will Need
  •  Rag
  • Screwdriver (Phillips or Flat Head)
  • Oil Pan
  • Engine Oil
  • Spark Plug
  • Socket Set
  • Air Filter
Change the Oil
Engine oil that is old or corroded is one of the main reasons why engines run rough. Check the oil. Recheck the oil. Add oil if needed. If needed, place the oil pan under the engine and release the oil valve. Use the rag to wipe off the tank, replace the oil valve and fill with new oil.
Check Spark Plug
The spark plug is what gives the mower life. A lawn mower will run roughly if the spark plug is old and not firing well. Inspect the spark plug. To have a great look at the plug, glance into the front of the engine for a small rubber covering. Remove the covering and you should be able to see a small, 2-inch plastic outlet with a metal tip. That is the spark plug that you need to remove. If the metal tip looks roughed up and dirty, replace it.
Replace Air Filter
A lawn mower’s air filter can become filled with dirt and debris. Using a screwdriver, you can remove the filter cover, taking out the dirty filter and installing a new one. An air filter should last up to two to three months on the average mower. Tighten up loose nuts and bolts.
How to Repair a Rough Running Lawn Mower

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