If you want a nice, clean cut on your lawn, then you will have to keep that mower well maintained. One of the only ways to give the turf a great clip, besides hard work and sweat equity, is by having a sharp Briggs lawn mower blade. A sharp blade prevents damage to the grass blade and allows for the grass to grow at an even pace and height.
Sharpening the blade is something you can learn to do quite easily with the proper tools and directions.
The first step is to gather the supplies needed and spread them out on the ground next to the lawn mower.
* A good set of safety goggles will be needed to protect the eyes.
* A sturdy pair of work gloves should be worn to protect the hands from cuts. Gloves will also prevent the hands from slipping off the tool handles while working.
* A can of WD-40 will come in handy if the bolts are stubbornly tight.
* A grinder will be needed for this job. A bench grinder is the best option but a vice grip is required if using an angle or file grinder.
* The cutting device can be removed for easy cleaning with an ordinary ratchet and socket set.
* A spark plug wrench is used to remove the spark plug for safety.
* A scraper is needed to get rid of dirt on the cutting surface.
* When removing the bolts, a C-clamp or vice grips may be used to hold the blade steady.
Remove the spark plug from the mower before doing anything else. This will prevent the engine from starting up accidentally while working on the machine. Take the fuel cap off the tank and seal the hole with a piece of plastic. Put the cap back on and twist it tight. This keeps fuel from leaking out. This plastic must be removed when the job is done.
Tilt the Mower
To gain easy access to the part, tilt the mower up until it is exposed. The machine should not be turned all the way over or oil may leak into the cylinder. Squirt some WD-40 on the bolts to loosen them up and make them easier to remove. When removing the bolts, it is crucial to remember the proper placement for them so they can be replaced in the right location.
Clean Off the Grime and Grass Debris Buildup
After the part is removed, clear away any debris that may be stuck to it and wipe off the grime. This step will make the sharpening process easier. A clean blade is less likely to develop rust and will last longer.
Bench Grinder Assistance
Utilization of a bench grinder is the safest method for doing this essential to job. The lawn mower part will be held firmly in place, in an effort to reduce the risk, of suffering an injury. If a bench grinder is not readily available, you can substitute it with a vise or clamp attached to a table to hold the part in place.
Work Only on Side of Blade Facing Engine
You need to make certain that all grinding is done on the side of the blade nearest the engine. In case you were not aware of this, the side of the lawn mower blade that is facing the turf does not have to be sharpened. Look for the bevel to identify the side facing the motor.
Proper Safety Precautions
High Performance Cuts Come Only with Sharp Briggs Lawn Mower Blade

High Performance Cuts Come Only with Sharp Briggs Lawn Mower Blade

As long as the proper safety precautions are taken, anyone can successfully sharpen any blade on any lawn mower. Making sure the cutting surface is kept sharp and free from damage is the best way to be assured the grass is being properly cut. This will also prolong the life of the mower and eliminate frequent replacement.
High Performance Cuts Come Only with Sharp Briggs Lawn Mower Blade
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