Since the summertime months are the most active times for the termite population, across the country, the importance of knowing what to do when and if you happen to locate a mud tube or a two-by-four eaten up by termites, is a good thing to know. With the economy, the way it is today here in the United States it makes good economic sense to learn a thing or two about the termite population.
Briggs & Stratton Parts Summertime Termite Discovery Tip

Briggs & Stratton Parts Summertime Termite Discovery Tip

Taking a Walk in Yard
At Briggs & Stratton Parts, we normally discuss small engine repair and Briggs engines. That is what we do and that is the reason that we speak so often of theses magnificent engines. Today we are going to deviate from that normal course and take a trip out to the yard to look for termite troubles. While the turf is not the first place that you think of when you think of termites but this is where most termite issues start and are controlled by termiticides and baited pieces of wood.
Termite Hunting in Turf
As you mow the lawn or weed trim the garden or fence line, look for pieces of wood that have obvious wood destroying organism activity. The time that you spend doing this will pay off if you get an early jump on the termite colony long before it makes its way to you wood-laden house.
Briggs & Stratton Parts Summertime Termite Discovery Tip

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