There are essential parts that must be taken great care of and then there are parts that scream to be treated with the utmost respect and perseverance. We are discussing the importance of maintaining the Briggs & Stratton parts that will carry you and your lawn and garden all the way through, until late autumn.
Year Round Inspection and Protection
For some geographical locations of this marvelous and growing nation, late autumn is not the end of lawn and garden maintenance. For some fortunate’s of turf trimming, autumn is only the beginning of yet another round of preparing to do battle with encroaching weeds and insects.
Uninvited House and Lawn Guests
What is good to understand know just a little bit about is the main characters in your lawns defense against unwanted and certainly uninvited guests. Weeds and insects are only a small part of the lawn keeping tasks but are the ones that cause the most headaches and heartaches for those trying so desperately hard to keep their lawns looking beautiful, year round.
Briggs & Stratton Parts

Deciphering Which Briggs & Stratton Parts Are Most Important This Early Summer

Identification Needs
Make sure that you identify which parts are going to be in need of strict attention, such as, the oil filter, fuel lines and spark plug, as that will be your best defense against encroaching turf invaders.
Deciphering Which Briggs & Stratton Parts Are Most Important This Early Summer
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