No matter what you try to do in order to keep that lawn mower engine, purring like an overweight cat, you will need to use the right replacements parts, each time. In today’s posting, we are going to discuss the benefits and the absolute requirements, for those of you that own a Briggs & Stratton unit.
OEM Matters
To make certain that you keep your equipment running at top performance, you will always need to order a genuine Briggs part.
Briggs Part

Importance of Using Only A Genuine Briggs Part

By locating and accessing only a Master Briggs Replacement Part Distributor, you will not only be benefiting and extending the life of that engine, but also will have the guarantee that comes only from dealing with a genuine, Briggs Part.

The main point of using only a replacement part from Briggs, can be looked at form this reference angle. You would not buy a part for that Briggs engine from a Kohler dealer, now would you? In effect, that is exactly what you are doing if you shop online or in the brick and mortar replacement parts shops, all over this great country. There is an old saying and it states. “Dance with what brung you”!
Importance of Using Only A Genuine Briggs Part
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