One of the most frustrating things to do is to get ready for a day in the lawn, cutting and trimming and everything that is lawn maintenance involved, only to reach for the starter cord on the mower, and pull back a whiplash and a fistful of broken string! At Briggs and Stratton Engine Repair we know all about this predicament and are here to offer you a quick fix so that you can get back to the task at hand.
ReadyStart Starting System

Briggs and Stratton Engine Repair

Briggs and Stratton Engine Repair and ReadyStart Easy Starting Power

Briggs and Stratton has a system that takes away all that tugging and frustration, and replaces that mess with one of the easiest pull start mechanisms in the industry, the ReadyStart Starting System. With no priming, no choking, no stress and strain, you will be happy to know that each Saturday morning can now be spent cutting the turf and not watching the ball game! Wives and girlfriends’ all over Illinois rejoice! The time has finally arrived that will take the excuse out of your significant other’s hands, and place it squarely in the center of the overgrown lawn, where it and he belongs!
ReadyStart Easy Starting Power
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