Briggs & Stratton is known as one of the best and most trusted makers of lawn mower engines and small engines, worldwide. These manufacturers have been busy putting design into reality and for the record, it has been over 100 years! These supremely manufactured engines are durable, reliable and just easy to use and maintain.

Briggs & Stratton

Briggs and Stratton Parts Snow Blower Engines

Briggs and Stratton Parts Snow Blower Engines

Stewardship to World and Community The 3,000 employees that work hard to construct these fine lines of Briggs & Stratton engines, work right here in the Good Old USA! As 2010 winds down to the last few hours, it is good that in most research surveys, 9 out of 10 lawn mower brands choose to utilize Briggs & Stratton engines. With that type of loyalty, it would be far too easy for the Briggs people to sit back and pat their-selves on the back. However, this would not be the Briggs way would it? Triumphs of 2010 Looking back on the triumphs of 2010 for the Briggs & Stratton label we only have to peek at the company goals and doctrines for what these lawn engine professionals take to heart each year. Commitment to Sustainability Environmental Stewardship Manufacturing Facilities Cutting Energy Usage by 25%  in Decade Investing in Communities Business Excellence

Looking Back On Briggs & Stratton in 2010
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