Today we are going to take a look at one of the most overlooked maintenance issues of all, the all important air filter. For those that do not know anything about what type of air filter that is tucked away and hidden in their respective Briggs & Stratton engined lawn mower or snow blower, it is good that you read on!

Below we have listed the two types of air filters found in the many types of Briggs & Stratton engines

Briggs & Stratton Air Filters

Briggs & Stratton Air Filters


· Foam Air Filter
· Paper Air Filter

Now that you know the two types of air filters please continue reading to see how to properly clean and or replace each listed type.

· Paper Air Filter – While it is true that paper filters cannot be cleaned with gas or any solvent, you can use compressed air to blow the filter out.

· Foam Air Filter – Foam filters should be cleaned with a very mild dish washing liquid and water and dried with a clean rag. Brand new engine oil then should be liberally swiped all over the rim of the air filter as well as throughout the body as well.

Briggs & Stratton Air Filter Trouble Shooting Tips
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