Briggs and Stratton Snow Thrower

Briggs and Stratton Snow Thrower

The size snow thrower you need will depend on the above factors. If you do not know your area’s average annual snowfall, look it up. Select a snow thrower with enough power to handle the amount of snow you are likely to get during a typical winter. If snowfalls of 12 inches are common in your area, be sure to select a snow thrower that can handle at least that much snow.

Breakout the Tape Measure

The size of the areas requiring snow removal helps you to determine what size Briggs and Stratton snow thrower is right for your needs. Please measure your driveway and all sidewalks that you will be clearing as well as how far you need to throw the snow. Your choices can then be considered between these three main options:

· A large-frame, two-stage unit capable of clearing wide, deep paths of snow.
· A compact single-stage unit more appropriate for clearing small areas such as urban sidewalks and narrow driveways.
· A snow thrower or snowplow for your lawn or garden tractor – for driveways that are more than 100 feet in length, or property with very large areas to clear.

Briggs and Stratton Snow Thrower
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