We bet that for every person that has had to cut the lawn with a traditional lawn mower that there is one that would like the opportunity to try a greener mowing option.

Happy Holidays!

At this posting for Briggs and Stratton Parts , we decided to take a different route and turn all environmentally conscious, if for only the moment. You see we love gasoline powered small engines and lawn mowers and tractors, like everyone else in the business! It is just that we wanted to appeal to the growing number of green people out there and will not be close-minded ever!

Briggs and Stratton Parts

Going Greener with Briggs and Stratton Parts for Thanksgiving and Christmas


Environmentally Friendly Propane Lawn Mowers, Leaf Blowers & Weed Wackers

A little history lesson, it was about four years ago, when the burgeoning eco-friendly lawn care industry began introducing greener alternatives to gas powered lawn mowing equipment. Commercial grade lawn mowers powered by propane tanks, became available in the spring of 2006. Presently, the same kind of planet-saving efficiency is being developed for personal residential lawn care and we here at Briggs and Stratton Small Engine Parts believe that it is the way of the future.

Please have a great and warm Thanksgiving and we will see you all on the flipside of Black Friday!

Going Greener with Briggs and Stratton Parts for Thanksgiving and Christmas

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