The time to be ever so thankful is upon us once again! It is Thanksgiving time and we all know that following turkey day and football and a long nap is Christmas. By then you should be good and worn out from all the holiday shopping and pretty much sick and tired of being around all of the family members even if you happen to love each and every one of them!

Briggs Parts

Briggs Parts

Going Green with Briggs Parts

Loves Being Green

We thought we would utilize today as a good time to speak a little bit about Briggs parts before you head off for your holiday excursions all throughout this great country of ours. We feel as most of the world feels that it is time to go green with almost everything that we do. This can apply to everything from recycling water bottles to pushing a reel mower in the lawn.

Endless Possibilities

If you are the type to do it yourself and we understand this is a bit of a distraction from our normal topics then we invite you to have a look below at a quick posting for troubleshooting those wonderful, environmentally conscious, reel mowers.

Repairing Reel Mowers

Most of the problems with reel mowers can often be resolved by following the examples listed below.

· Sharpening the Blades
· Adjusting Alignment of Blades and Cutting Bar
· Adjusting Mower Cutting Height

Going Green with Briggs Parts
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