Briggs Engine Hard to Start

If you find that your Briggs engine is very hard to start then do we have a couple of ways to determine what this issue entails?

Briggs and Stratton Part

Briggs and Stratton Part – Briggs Engine Hard to Start

We here at this Briggs and Stratton part posting site really know that you all simply adore your Briggs mowers. Of course you do and that is why it is so vitally important that we offer you some lesser known methods and ways of getting to the bottom of that 5 to at times 15 year old Briggs mower.

Old Sparkie

First step is to make certain that the ignition switch is in the on position. The gear should be marked as neutral and then you will need to either push a button or pull a cord. If still no action then it is time to check out Old Sparkie!

Blue Spark Search

Next, check for a spark by removing the spark plug and make certain that you ground the “hex” part of the spark plug to a bare metal part of the engine. After cleaning up any combustibles such as oily or fuel-filled rags and the likes it is time to create a spark. Grab a hold of the starter rope or push the button on electric starters and look for a blue spark in the plug gap area. If you are successful here and see a bright blue spark dance across the gap then all you have to do now is to proceed to the carburetor area.

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