You go to start your lawn mower and nothing happens? What is the deal as you have labored all week long at the job just to have this day free to cut the lawn and now the lawn mower decides it will not be in a cooperative mood? After checking the gas and oil and spark plug you have narrowed the list of likely suspects down to the Briggs Stratton starter.

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How to Locate a Briggs Stratton Starter

How to Locate a Briggs Stratton Starter

Below we have listed a couple of the most popular starters for a Briggs engine. Obviously you will need to have your engine model type and the appropriate Briggs starter replacement part number to locate the appropriate part for your application and model.

· Briggs & Stratton Starter Motor Single Cylinder & V-Twin

· Briggs & Stratton Briggs Stratton Intek V – Twin Vertical Ohv Engine with Electric Start

Recall that as you search for your Briggs starter part that the company uses a system of reference numbers to identify each part. If your happen to be on a Briggs related replacement part site and find that the starter type number is not listed under a reference number, use the first part number, which is usually the most common part.

How to Locate a Briggs Stratton Starter
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