As the leaves start to change and fall slips in, almost unnoticed, the time is right to begin the process of winterization of the lawn equipment. In today’s posting we will speak a little about Briggs and Stratton repair tips for this upcoming fall season. The keys are going to be maintenance and fluids and we will discuss those two very important factors right now!

Briggs and Stratton Repair Tips for Fall Season

Briggs and Stratton Repair Tips for Fall Season


Preparing for Winter

The maintenance in the fall is more a pre-strike towards the more-important and definitely colder and harder on the Briggs and Stratton engines in general winter-time season. You see, the fall is a great time to be a lawn care homeowner since the grass; most of the variations of grass that is, starts to slow the growth process. This is great as it allows us all more time to focus on other projects around the home and in the normal day to life such as weekend football games! The best action you can take to get your engine ready for the winter in the fall season is to check these parts for safe and effective operation.

· Spark Plug and Connector

· Fuel and Oil Ports

· Starter Cord (If Applicable)

The fluids that you will need to check are dependent on the type of lawn maintenance Briggs and Stratton engine that you currently possess. Most engines have oil and fuel mixtures only so this is not a very huge deal for you to combat and defeat!

Briggs and Stratton Repair Tips for Fall Season
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