Briggs and Stratton Muffler

Briggs and Stratton Muffler Troubleshooting

When you’re Briggs and Stratton engine starts to sound a little different and you have checked all of the usual suspects such as the oil and water as well as a faulty spark plug it is time to take a look at the rear end of that engine. This is where you’ll find the Briggs and Stratton muffler and be able to troubleshoot this piece of very important compression as well as the emission discarding piece of equipment.

Look at It with Your Eyes

The best way to troubleshoot a Briggs & Stratton muffler is to first visually inspect and physically looks for cracks and loose fitting that can cause immense amount of noise in engine trouble. Once you have done a thorough physical inspection is in time to see what’s coming out of that tailpipe as this is a very big clue to what’s going on in the interior of the engine itself.

Basic System

Common issues with a Briggs & Stratton muffler are listed below and if you find that one of these is not the cause of your muffler trouble then there is always the choice of taking it into your neighborhood Briggs & Stratton small engine repair center for a quick check up and a look-see. We do not think you will have to go to this extent as mufflers are pretty basic systems and a pipe and a couple fittings is really all there is to these replacement parts.

· Remove the Muffler (cold) and Shake Listen for Debris and Noise (Rust)

· Check Outside of Muffler for Rust-Dents-Holes-Cracks

Briggs and Stratton Muffler Troubleshooting

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