One of the best Briggs and Stratton Engines happens to be the ever-popular 23 HP ELS Model Series. We wanted to demonstrate to you the specifics of this very-popular Briggs Engines in the United States and thought that if we laid it out in layman’s terms it would be more appealing to a wider audience. This is not to weaken a review of such a great engine as this bad boy but it is more of an attempt to get the information out to the ones that may not be professional landscapers or lawn maintenance product experts!

23 HP ELS Model Series

Briggs and Stratton Engine Parts

Briggs and Stratton Engine Parts

· Displacement 38.26 cu. in. (627 cc)

· 2.97 in. (75.4 mm)

· Stroke 2.75 in. (70 mm)

· Oil Capacity:

· 48 fl. oz. (1.42 L) w/o filter

· 56 fl. oz. (1.66 L) with filter


· Dura-Bore Cast Iron Cylinder Sleeve for Longer-Life

· Dependable Float-Free Carburetor with Integral Fuel Pump

· Maintenance-Free Magnetron Electronic Ignition for Great Fast Dependable Starts

Briggs and Stratton Engine Parts

Now that you know a little something about the world of Briggs and Stratton Engine Parts maybe you can see about purchasing one of the greatest lawn engine pieces of equipment ever-built? The professionals at Briggs say that this engine if properly-maintained and upkeep is done very-well that the necessity to purchase another engine would be a non-issue for at least a decade!

Great Briggs and Stratton Engine Parts

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