The name says it all; “Briggs & Stratton” and for those of us that recall the days when this name was the leader in all things lawn maintenance, then we have given up our age! The little company that did started out just like so many other firms in the United States and abroad, with a solo dream. What the company has been able to do in a scant half-century is to dominate the lawn care industry and now is seen as one of the most dynamic and lucrative successful small engine lawn care suppliers in the world today.

Work in Progress

We mentioned what great strides and achievements Briggs and Stratton and the major components of that fine company, Briggs and Stratton engine parts, has made and extrapolated the company’ actual time frame here on earth into a neat little 50 year capsule. In reality, Briggs and Stratton have been around for nearly a full century and shows only a more clearly-defined and elaborate landscaping industry mission as time marches onward.

When Harry meet Stephen

One important and interesting fact about the company is that there actually were two individuals, two living breathing men of big dreams that started the firm that is now a leader in the lawn care establishment. The match was one that could not have been a better fit with one being an inventor while the other was the money-man, the investor. Inventor Stephen F. Briggs and investor Harold M. Stratton formed the company that is now Briggs and Stratton, thank you guys!

With only OEM Briggs and Stratton engine Parts for replacements you will be cutting up a storm this summer!

Picture of hands working on a Briggs and Stratton Engine

Why Briggs & Stratton Engine Parts Dominate

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