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Before we take a look at the present day lawn care industry we here at Briggs Small Engine Parts would like to take your hand and take a stroll around Memory Lane. In the middle 1990’s the lawn care industry was mainly populated by around 150 or so well-known and popular lawn maintenance manufacturing firms. The Midwest of the United States still to this day serves as the economic hub of the most influential and demanding of themselves through quality and an innovation, lawn care manufacturers in the United States.

Cheeseheads Lead the Way

The Briggs Small Engine Parts blog will be focusing on the industry that supports millions of families and individuals through sales and service of lawn maintenance equipment and tools. We feel that the more information we can present to you the better your buying attitude will be for Briggs as well as other manufacturers of fine lawn maintenance equipment. We hope that you have enjoyed this initial offering and please look forward and check back often as we will be adding on more unique content next week and continue until you understand the industry that is one of the primary anchor points for the United States economy.

States with the Most Lawn and Garden Equipment Manufacturing Centers

· Wisconsin 12

· Pennsylvania 10

· California 7

Briggs Small Engine Parts Discusses Lawn Care Industry
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