Summertime Sun Means Heat Stress!

Picture of a Sunny Day

We understand small engine parts here at Briggs Small Engine Replacement Parts, which is what we do. This is why it is very beneficial that you come back and give us just a moment of your very valuable time as we also are keenly aware of that price as well. We have pieced together something here and it has to do with the blues that are felt by some Briggs lawn mower owners and the reds that are felt when the temperature rises above the century mark! Red in the face and that is a sure sign that you are getting over-heated so head for the house to cool off as the grass will be there and still-growing when you cool down and return.

Briggs Small Engine Replacement Parts

We feel that every once in awhile it is important that you get the right advice especially in the most dangerous time to be in the yard, the summer time. Please drink plenty of water and do not even count red Bull or any other form of energy drink as hydration because we should all know by now that is not what those drinks are made for. Energy is one thing, hydration is quite another. Hydration comes from water so drink plenty of it and have a handy hose nearby just in case you need to hose down in a pinch!

Summer Safety Tips Time Blues and Reds!

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