There are so many lawn ornamental destroying species of aphids or plant lice that it is hard to list even the first 100! These little leaf-suckers and depositors of black, tell-tale signs of presence leave fecal trails that spread fear of dread into the homeowners that notice these awful signs. We understand that issue here at Briggs Small Engine Parts

Leaf Juice Sucking Aphids



Happy to Munch on Variety of Plant Areas

Certain aphid species feed on foliage exclusively while many others are more than happy to munch on twigs and tiny branches for their sustenance. Still there are the aphid species that feed on fruits and flowers and even a sole species that thinks roots are the cats meow! Some of the more common aphids include the green peach aphid, green-melon aphid, tulip tree aphid, giant bark aphid and rose aphid. Pretty names for a nasty little bug!

Totally Defenseless

Aphids make up a large group of small, soft-bodied insects. They may measure up to six mm in total length and that’s not very large at all. Totally defenseless except for the black digestive fluid (booboo) that the organism secretes on command for defense and an early warning signal when the killer ladybugs are about! Use a safe but effective insecticide and that should take care of any aphid issue. It is not that they are hard to get rid of it is that they are so small the damage happens and is noticed only after it may be too late. Periodic washings with a plant soap helps along with pruning and upkeep.

Pest Update: Aphids on Ornamentals

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