Did you know that a clean-running lawn mower, that has a great Briggs Engine powering that highly-beneficial tool of the turf, can reduce your environmental impact on Mother Earth so hugely? It is true and we here at Briggs Small Engine Parts thought it would be a great idea to enlighten you on the finer points of oil disposal right here and tight now! Call it our environmental contribution to a movement that is sweeping not only America but the world as well! Being green in everything we do is one of the best ways we can think of to being a great steward of the planet that keeps us around, for a while longer at least!

Recycle Used Oil

The ability to lessen your carbon footprint and do it in a clean, friendly, environmentally-correct manner is to utilize the services of a Briggs Authorized Oil Disposal Retailer. Do not just allow the oil to seep back into the good earth as she only wanted the raw natural process of oil that is crude, sweet and pure and not the finished product that comes out of your Briggs Engine! Google oil disposal in your area and add the keyword Briggs Engine and that should do the trick to a greener you!

Briggs Oil Disposal

Doing the Correct thing with spent oil!


Briggs Small Engine Parts Offers a Greener Way to Dispose of Used Oil
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