Briggs helps you beat the heat with quality Tune Up Kits!

Package for Tune Up Kits from Briggs

In the merciless heat of the summer two things must be maintained and maintained well if you are to see another weekend on the lawn this season. The first is well, you! Make certain that you are well-hydrated and that if there are any signs of heat stress that you immediately stop mowing and go rest in the shade. If after a few minutes you are starting to cool down then gradually start back up the mower and get to cutting! If you are not feeling too well even after resting and drinking some water then call it a day and get checked out. We always make certain that if any of our employees at Briggs Small Engine Parts get over-heated that they sit it out this time around.

Briggs Tune-Up Kits

The second item that needs to be maintained is the Briggs engine that is powering that hot lawn cutting expedition in the heat of July! Thankfully the good folks at Briggs have thought of just about everything so that you can easily maintain that mower all summer long. It is the Briggs & Stratton Tune-Up Kits that are made for all types of Briggs engines and lines such as;

· Q45

· Classic

· Sprint

· Quattro

These tune-up kits from Briggs contain;

· 4-cycle 30W Oil (18oz)

· Fuel stabilizer (1oz)

· Foam Air Filter (1)

· Spark Plug (1)

How to Keep Lawn Nice and Mower Maintained

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