Beneficial insects play an important role in aphid control. Ladybird beetles (both adults and larvae), lacewings, some flower flies (larvae), and tiny parasitic wasps will use aphids as a source of food and nutrition for their overall development. Remember certain insecticide applications will destroy these kinda-cool and highly-beneficial insects as well as targeted pest species. This practice could leave trees and shrubs unprotected if pest populations should increase in the future so a combined effort for pest control is recommended.

Two Beneficial Insects

It is good to desire only a natural method for controlling destructive lawn and garden pests and you should always try that route first. Unfortunately at Briggs Small Engine Parts we understand that this solo attack effort against such a numerous army of invaders will need some additional firepower and that comes from an insecticide and intelligence.

Lady Bugs

Variety of Ladybugs

The insecticide can be of your choice, the intelligence will come from unleashing into your front and back yard a dozen or so praying mantis and ladybug species. These can be ordered online and although may seem a little different as an effective pest control, with a light pesticide program for ants and other pests that these two beneficial insects do not prey upon, you will be rewarded with a fine lawn this summer.

Cool Beneficial Anti-Pests (Praying Mantis/Ladybugs)

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