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As we plow through just over the halfway point of 2010 it is beneficial to look back on the early innovation and safety of the lawn product manufacturing sector in the United States. At Briggs Small Engine Parts we understand and appreciate history and inasmuch would like to educate you on maybe something that you did not know about one of the most successful and increasingly popular industries in America, lawn care.

Rapid Change and Growth

Just as Briggs and Stratton creates a fine line of lawn care products so does an industry create a fine name for itself. Lawn care manufacturing products has seen a rapid change and growth movement as it adjust to this new-found success for even higher revenue totals for 2011. This is all great news for an economy that is reeling from the effects of a 2009 recession and could use all the good news that it can get its hands on.

Safety is Prime Goal

One by-product of an industry that has taken off as fast as the lawn and garden manufacturing sector has here in the United States is that innovation and safety start to really become important factors. This is from a variety of reasons with one of the largest being that consumers demand a reliable and safe product and also an affordable and accessible one.

Blade Housings

One of the earliest innovations and safety features for the lawn and garden manufacturing division was the blade housings and shields that are now standard factory installed products on every piece of machinery that is sold in the United States. The shields and blade housings keep operators from accidentally coming in contact with the spinning blades and limit the amount of trips that are made each and every year to the ER of a hospital.

Early Innovation and Safety
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