Look at this Wonderful Briggs Engine owner do it to it!

Briggs Owner Checks Oil

The importance of at the very least checking out your Briggs Engine oil filter each and every time you are under the hood of that lawn mowing utensil is so very, very necessary. The reasons for this are not so obvious and we will not be so near-sighted as to think you know these all-important reasons for checking that oil filter.

Engines with Oil Filters

At Briggs Small Engine Parts we know what it takes to not only keep a lawn mower up and running but to have that piece of lawn-trimming machinery in race-car top performance. It takes diligence, patience and above all a sense of pride in ownership. Check out what we have placed together for you today so that at least you can think about checking the oil filter the next time it is tune up time at the old Briggs Engine Lawn Mower Pre-Cutting Festival at your home!

Here we go…

·If your Briggs engine has an oil filter, make certain that you replace it at least once per season.

·Replace the oil filter by twisting counterclockwise on the body, using a filter wrench or pipe wrench.

·Examine the sealing surface on the oil filter adapter for debris or gasket material. Clean that bad-boy if necessary.

·Lightly, carefully oil the filter gasket with clean engine oil.

·Install a new Briggs only oil filter, screwing in by hand until the gasket contacts the filter adapter. Tighten the filter an additional 1/2 to 3/4 turn, each time.

Summer Importance of Replacing Oil Filters

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