Those summertime mole crickets are some of the most frustrating and most destructive lawn pest of all the summertime invaders. The crickets will creep into your lawn in the dead of night and when the sun comes up you are left with a battlefield-type turf! Mole crickets are the number one pests in Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi and Louisiana plus all long the Atlantic Seaboard.

Mole Crickets Need Full-time Treatment

At Briggs Small Engine Parts we understand how these invaders can really do a number on not just your lawn but your family’s ability to enjoy the turf this summer. The mole crickets damage appears as yellowy-brown spongy areas within normal green, healthy grass. Upon closer inspection you will notice the grass has been eaten just below the top level of the grass, separating the plant from its all-important roots. Mole crickets are especially fond of Bermuda and centipede grass, but love a good dose of Saint Augustine blades as well. The best way to control more quickness is to use a product that contains Fipronil. That should do it for the mole cricket problem as long as you use as directed and apply once a year then spot treatments as the mole crickets attempt wave after wave of offensive charges!

Plump Adult Mole Cricket

This is a picture of a destructive to all lawns it encounters mole cricket!

Invasion of Summer Mole Crickets in Atlantic Seaboard Turf

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