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Tuning Up Your Briggs Engine

The benefits to changing out the spark plug, oil and oil filter, air filter and even using or trying out for the very first time the Briggs & Stratton Fuel Stabilizer are vast and deep! We know that you want to keep the Briggs engine running at top performance since this makes any job in the yard that much easier and is also an investment into your very own investment, and you just want an easier way than the past. Well, let us assist you with that goal right here and right now!

First step will be to identify and obtain the necessary tune up parts that you will require. The spark plug swap out is the easiest since you just unscrew this unit and read the numbers on the side. From there it is onto the identification of the air filter. Depending on what type of Briggs engine you happen to be working on will determine the location of this all-important air filtration unit.

Not all Briggs Engines have an oil filter and not all are required to have the one they do possess to be changed. Once more this all depends on the engine and model. This is exactly why we are not being very specific on this posting as we understand that there are so many different types of yard as well as industrial machines that are powered by the exact same Briggs engine.

Now that you have identified both the spark plug and the air filter it is time to move on over to the oily-end. Changing the oil and the oil filter on a Briggs engine is one of the easiest tasks to complete. All Briggs engines will have two things in common, the oil drain plug will be located at the bottom of the engine and the oil fill location will be at the top. Very easy and one two three the old oil is drained and out and the oil filter swapped and the new oil and the new oil filter are installed.

You are almost done with the annual Briggs tune up! We need to reiterate the importance of frequent oil changes for the simple fact that the oil on even a wonderful Briggs engine can lose its viscosity very fast especially in harsh conditions. Every 25 hours or so of use will be a great benchmark for when to change the oil. Some Briggs engines have oil filters that need to be changed out and then some are what we refer in the business as deepened oil filters so this once again depends on the model.

If you have not tried the Briggs and Stratton Fuel Stabilizer then now is a perfect time for that! Gasoline that’s been standing for over a month can cause difficulty with your engine when you want to restart it later. Get into the habit of adding Briggs & Stratton Fuel Stabilizer to your fuel tank to avoid these problems and you’ll be ready to mow or ride out or cut any time.

The Easy Steps to Keep your Briggs Engine Running Great
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