Briggs Intek Engines

Briggs Intek Engine Rocks!

The Intek Series by Briggs has made all of us here at Briggs Small Engine Parts stand up and take a bow! What is incredible about that is that we did not even manufacture this line but we are here at your service anytime you may need a replacement part for any one of these fine and reliable Briggs Intek Engines. The power and the performance that the Intek Engines deliver makes for a line of engines that are second to none!

Briggs Intek Engines

Briggs Intek Series Engines are extremely powerful engines with unmatched reliability and performance and that means so much in this economical environment where every penny counts!




Anti-Vibration System (AVS)

Dura-Bore Cast Iron Sleeve

Fuel Filter

Heavy-Duty Upper Bearing

High capacity Dual-Clean Air Filter

High oil fills tube

Overhead Valve (OHV)

Pressure Lubrication with Spin-on oil filter

Briggs Small Parts Examines Entire Line of Briggs Intek Series Engines

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