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Mower Artwork and Tips To Keep You Running

As the dog days of summer come barreling down it is important that every homeowner and commercial superintendent know a little something about summertime lawn mowing. This is why we here at Briggs Small Engine Parts have decided to take a break from the normal product reviews and other engine related postings concerning Briggs & Stratton complements and have decided to take a little walk on the wild side and cut some grass with you today.

Briggs Mowing

It is very important during the summertime to keep your lawn healthy and well groomed and that starts with proper mowing. Often overlooked and underestimated the effects that you can have on the turf through good mowing practices are some of the most influential and beneficial to the health of your lawn. With that said and without further ado let us guide you through a few of our favorite summertime mowing tips to get you started toward a great and green summertime lawn.

Mowing Tips

·Never Cut Your Grass Too Short As Higher Grass Normally Provides for a Deeper Root System and Chokes out Crabgrass

·Do Not Remove Any More Than One Third of the Grass Leaf at Any One Session of Lawn

·Avoid Mowing Wet Grass

Briggs Small Engine Parts – Summertime Mowing Tips
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