If moles are a persistent problem and have driven you to the breaking point we here at Briggs Small Engine Parts feel your pain and have a way to help alleviate your suffering. We not only have a great and safe method for alleviating your mole issues but will also keep your lawn clean and green this balmy summer. Moles are after one thing and one thing only in your yard and that is the Japanese beetle larva.

Japanese Beetle Larva

If you have already done a great job of controlling this very beautiful but destructive pest, the Japanese beetle, then you will have little problems with moles this summer season. Conversely if you see little tunnels all throughout your perfectly-manicured turf and this is causing you many a sleepless night and even nightmares of moles digging up your entire yard then you do have a Japanese beetle infestation and you need to take care of that problem before you can get rid of moles.

Take Away Dinner Option

Most individual homeowners and commercial turf engineers see the mole as one of the most destructive natural pest right next to the gopher. The best way to rid the lawn of these pests is to control the Japanese beetle infestation. A great method of doing just that is through an organized and safe and non-toxic pesticide and one that targets the larval stage as well as the adult stage of the Japanese beetle. Once you get ahold of the beetle infestation the moles will go away since that is their number one food source that you have just taken off the dinner table.

Pest Control, Moles, and How to Get Rid of These Pesky Diggers!
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