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Humorous Mower Will Not Start Excuses

As you might have guessed we here at Briggs Small Engine Parts have heard all kinds of stories from the wives and some of the husbands of humorous mower will not start excuses. These excuses usually hold very little water but are very funny at least to us here at Briggs Small Engine Parts. We hope you find some humor and maybe enjoyment out of this very funny mower will not start excuses posting from some very creative and ingenious husband’s!

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The excuses range from the obvious to the mundane and come all the way back around to the purer comical in nature. Some men just will do anything and say anything to get out from mowing the yard especially on a hot summer day in the middle of July. As we cannot say we blame them there are many different ways that one could use to get out from under cutting the yard on a hot weekend and kick back and relax and maybe watch the game but we do not recommend any of these as the wife may not be in such a jovial and joking mood!

·Sorry honey but the mowers just not in the mood

·Mower will not start because I lost the keys

·Baby I tried and tried but the mower just will not start it must be too hot for it as well!

You may add to this list with some comical gestures of your own on why you do not want to cut the turf weekend but be careful what you wish for!

Humorous Mower Will Not Start Excuses
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