Briggs Small Engine Parts Examines –Briggs Air Compressors Elite Series

Briggs Air Compressors

With the season of the hurricane and other nasty weather encounters spreading across the country it is important that we here at Briggs Small Engine Parts speak a little about the benefits of a Briggs Air Compressors Elite Series unit. We know what you are saying to yourself right about this time and it goes something along the lines of “what can an air compressor do for me and my family during a storm?”

The benefits of an air compressor especially a Briggs and Stratton Elite Series unit are multiple and are really limitless if you think long and hard about it. Have enough time? Let us assist you with a few reasons that an air compressor will benefit you before and after a storm hits your residence and locality.

· Air Compressors fitted with a pressure wand attachment can power through old paint and debris on sidewalks that can prove to be disastrous during a storm.

· A Briggs Air Compressor can provide air for a wide variety of safety vehicles and the tires that became deflated during a storm

· Powering Pneumatic Tools
See how easy and virtually limitless the benefits of a Briggs Air Compressor can be once you get to thinking about it?


•Briggs & Stratton Elite Series I/C OHV Engine – 6.5 HP

•Wheelbarrow design with pneumatic tire for easy maneuvering around the home or jobsite.

•Belt-drive, oil lubricated pump with cast iron cylinder operates at lower RPM, extending life.

•Idle control saves fuel by idling engine when air tanks reach maximum operating pressure.

•Gauges and controls located within easy reach.

•Two air outlets for dual-tool operation.

•Ball-valve tank drain allows easy draining with a simple quarter turn.

•Low profile design for added stability and increased portability.

Briggs Small Engine Parts Examines–Briggs Air Compressors Elite Series

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