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Lawnmower issue with a Briggs Engine,

As the summertime heats up the grass will grow and grow and so will the weeds and this is going to require mowing the lawn more frequently. All homeowners or at least the ones that do the lawn maintenance themselves depend on their lawn mowers in many ways. The lawnmower helps keep the turf healthy and looking great and for this the engine and all the other moving parts need to be treated very well.

We at Briggs Small Engine Parts understand that no matter how well you treat your Briggs Engine-powered lawnmower, from time to time there will be issues. We have listed some of the most common lawn mower issues that will occur every now and then even to the best Briggs engine-powered turf equipment.



· Make certain that the fuel line is switched on as this is the one of the easiest to forget of all lawnmower issues.
· Make sure that your mower has enough gas with at least half a tank.
· Recall the last time you add a fuel stabilizer and if you can’t remember then go ahead and add one.
· The infamous sparkplug is very important to check. Be consistent with the checking of this little guy as so many issues with starting and running properly are attributable to this component.

Briggs Parts Most Common Lawn Mower Issues

2 thoughts on “Briggs Parts Most Common Lawn Mower Issues

  • HI there,My Briggs and Stratton Quattro push lawnmower revs hi and low and sputters after the it ran out of gas and was refilled to start it again.It continues to do this when u start it.Thanks Brad.

  • I can almost bet that you need to clean out/rebuild carb. Usually when you get to the bottom of the tank the engine dirt and debri is sucked up into carb. If you have a plastic carb. it is more cost effective to replace the carb. completely.

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