Briggs Small Engine Replacement PageIf you plan on keeping your Briggs and Stratton engine in perfect running condition through this long and hot summer then you are going to have to maintain that engine. One very popular method for keeping everything in great working condition is to use a Briggs & Stratton Maintenance Kit.

These kits have everything that you will need to have in order to keep that spark in your Briggs engine hot and ready for duty.

You should already be well aware of the value and benefits of a properly maintained Briggs engine. If you are still not convinced after a few seasons of in the field grass cutting then let us demonstrate exactly what is meant by keeping it running right.

In order to properly keep your Briggs running great it is necessary to commit to about 30 minutes or less each and every summer. That’s right you read correctly, a half an hour a year is all that it takes plus a few bucks for the necessary tune-up and oil changing supplies to keep your Briggs humming.

It is said that an annual tune-up will extend the life of your mower while cutting polluting emissions by up to 50 percent. That savings alone should be enough right there!

Briggs Maintenance Techniques-Tune Ups and Kits

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